Iannis Pledel is a painter and photographer. He lives and works in Paris.

He creates oil on canvas and works that combine painting and photography.

Painting has been an integral part of Pledel’s life since his childhood. Later he broadened his artistic horizons by studying photography and graphic design at the Gobelins school and by learning various printing techniques, such as silver printing and platinum palladium printing. He studied also epistemology at Sorbonne University in Paris. After receiving his doctorate at the Sciences-Po Aix he returned to his artistic and creative roots and dedicated himself to painting and other art forms. His multidisciplinary approach is a testimony to his multifaceted career and experience. 

His stylistic technique is based on overlays and compositions that offer various levels of reading. This complex multilayered process allows for such a rich variety of interpretation that the works can be likened with and make reference to other art forms, such as cinema, literature or the history of Art which allowed him to build a bridge between the classics and the contemporaries. 

Iannis Pledel uses paint brushes and lenses to represent the passing of time, physical and psychic movements, and to question the eternal restarting.

In Floating Souls, a series of oil on canvas, he is inspired by the experience of derealism, this alteration of the perception of the outside world creating a feeling of never being present in the right place at the right time.

In Fragments of Desires, he elaborates psychological scenes related to desire. Just like desire, this work is characterized by constant dynamism, they can be light, they can be dark, often they have an affinity for the unknown.  

In Odyssey he adapted Homer’s Odyssey by bringing the world of today and mythology into dialogue.

In Deadly Sins he associated fairy tales and photography.

He also distinguishes himself with creations for collaborations, especially with Colette Paris or Estée Lauder, makes album covers such as Génération Goldman, Electro Deluxe, Quintette Syntonia or more recently Acquin.



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