Iannis Pledel (b. France) is a painter and photographer.

This artistʼs recent solo institutional exhibitions in France include the Art Center of Saint Mandé, the Art Center of Chambéry, the Cale 2 Créateurs of Nantes, the Art Center of Rennes-Betton.

Internationally he was exhibited in several Lumas Galleries and in China at the Xi’an Museum.

He was selected at the Salon dʼAutomne of Paris, exhibited in the Contemporary Art Show during FIAC and participated in exhibitions since 2012.

His background – Art school École de l’image Gobelins Paris, studies at the Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I and a PhD at Sciences-Po Aix, learning different pictorial techniques ranging from painting to photography – gave him a plural heritage.

He is also distinguished by collaborations, notably with Colette Paris or Estée Lauder, and with other artists for creations such as the album covers of Génération Goldman, Electro Deluxe, Quintette Syntonia or more recently Acquin.


2023, Inside Out, Art Center Cresco, Saint-Mandé, France (June)

2022, Floating Souls, Art Center Cresco, Saint-Mandé, France (Sept to December)

2022, Dédales, Town Hall Cultural Center, Paris 17e, France

2019, Fragments of Desires & Odyssey, La Cale 2 Créateurs Gallery, Nantes, France

2019, Fragments of Desires, Cité des Arts of Chambéry, France

2014, The Parisian Girls, Colette, Paris 1e, France

2014, The Parisian Girls, Le Saturne, Paris 2e, France

2014, Photographs, B Gallery with Art Center Betton Town Hall, Rennes, France

2014, Venetian Intrigue, 13 Regards Gallery, Paris 13e, France

2013, Vermilion, B Gallery, Pont-Aven, France

2012, Looks, Zigomar Gallery, Lorient, France

2012, Envy, Saint-Roch Chapel, Argentan, France


2022 & 2023, Certificate of artistic merit, Luxembourg Art Prize, Pinacothèque Museum

2020, Antoine de Galbert Foundation

2018, Certificate of artistic merit, Luxembourg Art Prize, Pinacothèque Museum


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Seven Deadly Sins :

Anger / La Colère – Blue Anger / Colère bleue (Work in progress)

Pride / L’Orgueil – The Little Red Model / Le Petit Modèle Rouge (90 p., 50 photographs), 2016

Envy / L’Envie – Vermilion / Sang Vermillon (170 p., 75 photographs), 2013


Resident of 6b


2015, Art School, Ecole de l’Image Gobelins, Paris

2009, PhD Sciences-Po Aix

2004, Panthéon-Sorbonne University Paris I


2022, Conference, Art Center Cresco, Saint-Mandé

2020, Painting and drawing lessons, Maison Marceau Residencie, Paris 8e

2020, Mural painting, Maison Marceau Residencie, Paris 8e

2019, Visiting artist, Cité des Arts of Chambéry